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Enterprise wide cloud usage and billing

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A successful digital transformation requires building a portfolio of virtualized cloud applications, enabling business units, departments and other P&Ls to provision workloads on demand.  Enterprise adoption of the multitude of applications available in the new subscription economy creates unique opportunities for IT organizations to function like internal service providers by offering, metering and billing for cloud services powered privately or publicly.

Corderum Commerce delivers enterprise usage management and billing for cloud services.

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A typical enterprise has more than 200 service providers delivering more than 1000 applications and workloads across public and private architectures.   Corderum Commerce allows you to aggregate these service providers onto a single platform and then measure usage across the portfolio of applications.  This allows for consolidated usage reporting by IaaS/PaaS/SaaS workload or by business unit.

IT becomes a fully automated, internal cloud service provider!

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Business unit leaders only want to pay for what they need and use.  Everything they need is available from Corderum Connect, a catalog of provisionable cloud services.  Everything they use is metered by Corderum Commerce.  The result is a monthly statement or invoice, itemizing usage and rates by workload for ALL cloud services.

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Better Budgeting

Coderum Commerce gives you the tools and visibility to function as your own internal service provider, allowing you to define services, meter consumption, set usage rates and bill each department.  P&L owners can then track actual consumption and expenditures against budgets.  

Eliminate cloud expense surprises!

Employee access to your private cloud workloads