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Client Success

We are committed to your success

At Corderum, we share your commitment to leveraging the cloud to power your enterprise digital transformation.  Your commitment becomes our mission.    Our client engagement methodology is designed to assess your needs, rationalize your environments, migrate applications and build a new cloud operating model.  Our client success managers will work alongside you until you realize the benefits your transformation requires.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Cloud Assessment

The best way to get started is with a cloud assessment, during which we will identify all of your active applications and subscriptions.  Using data from service providers, company expense reports, accounts payable, and even network logs, our team will expose the full scope and expenditures of your cloud subscriptions.    This exercise alone is typically eye opening, as it exposes potentially hundreds of service providers delivering thousands of services, resulting in annual savings of 10% - 15% of your annual spend.

IAAS Migration Services

Application Migration

Following an assessment, Corderum’s success managers will guide your team through the process of migrating applications to Corderum Connect where you can define policies, select service providers and enact permissions for your employees.  The result is a customized enterprise cloud catalog that can be rolled out company wide.

IAAS Migration Services

Creating intelligent IaaS

For your public cloud we have a full staff of certified AWS, Azure and Google IaaS experts that are ready to assist you in migrating your workloads over to  your customized Corderum Connect catalog.     

The Corderum platform is a combination of public cloud, private cloud, digital, AI, machine learning, and security.

IAAS Migration Services

Digital Transformation

The Corderum consulting team is committed to facilitating your enteprise digital transformation.   Let us show you how to build a multi-year transformation strategy that leverages the power of the cloud to build an on demand portfolio of applications with guaranteed uptime and 100% visibility.

Your cloud journey should balance business drivers, technology needs and industry dynamics to achieve the right blend of scale and speed for your organization’s unique needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead each will be driven by industry-specific competitive environments and individual company aspirations for the role of the cloud.

Let our consultants work with you to define the business value that this technology transformation can enable: identify where impact will be derived fastest across the business through new capabilities, cost efficiencies, or risk mitigation.

Managed Services

IAAS Migration Services

Managed Cloud Services

Our ITIL-managed service desk provides you with a Client Success Manager and a robust team of cloud specialists. Our service desk provides event, incident, and cloud management resolutions and monitors cloud environment processes, performance, and achievement of service level agreements.

Let us be your managed cloud services provider.